Hints and methods to wake up in the morning

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Almost everyone will agree that the most challenging part of a daily routine (whether it's school, work or full-time parenting) is this morning. You open your eyes, usually still tired, and thinking about all the tasks of the day makes you want to go back and curl up under the blanket. Add to this the fact that many people get up with a headache, nervousness or urge to run to the bathroom, and here you have a recipe for a bad day.

Since most of us do not have the opportunity to start the day at noon, or even just a natural awakening, you should do everything possible to make the mornings more pleasant. Here are seven steps to help you get out of bed with a smile (small, but smile).

  1. Do not eat before bedtime:

    Even when we sleep, our digestive system remains active. If you have two pizza slice before going to sleep, beyond the fact that you will hate yourself in the morning, you will probably get up more tired, because your digestive system will work all night long to digest the hard cheese and white flour. You should avoid eating late at night to avoid overload the digestive system while its supposed to rest, and let the cleaning systems - liver and lymph - work. For your early dinner, you should choose healthy and nutritious foods that will allow you to get into bed not hungry but not blown up.

  2. Sleep a little more

    You tired to death, but stay awake until the end of the series you like the most? Too bad. Every hour of sleep can contribute to your feeling in the morning. Despite the natural desire to make full use of the day, allow yourself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. The adult person supposes to take six to eight hours of sleep; and, on average seven and a half hours of sleep. Any shorter sleep does not do you any good to you. Yes, all you need is a few hours of good, continuous sleep to get up fresh and vital in the morning. If you know you are going to get up in the middle of the night (a crying baby or Irritable blisters), try to go to sleep even earlier to compensate for the lack of sleep.

  3. Without screens

    In recent years, sleep researchers around the world have been dealing with the subject of light pollution. Points to the effect of the blue light rising from the charger of the cell phone, the laptop, tablet and so. Those lights break the darkness of our bedroom, its harmful to the production of melatonin the Sleep hormone.
    Sleeping next to artificial light can cause sleep disorders and, according to recent studies, even obesity.
    Besides, people who sleep with the phone right next to their heads tend to glance at the screen before they get out of bed, so they might open the day with a disturbing email from the work or conversation they preferred not to receive right on the morning.
    Either way, this is not the right way to begin the morning.

  4. Exercise in the morning

    Right, no one wants to run out at six o'clock in the morning. But if you can overcome the initial hesitation and start moving, your whole day will look different. Physical activity increases blood flow in the body and oxygen supply (think about how you breathe during exercise and raise your pulse). When this happens early in the morning, your body begins the day with a significant boost that increases its energy levels throughout the day. Furthermore, studies show that morning exercise increases metabolism during the day, thus contributing to weight loss more than exercising in other hours. exercise in the morning

  5. Alarm clock

    For anyone who is not a "morning person" part of the morning routine is pressing the snooze button in order to set alarm for 15 minutes. However, this behavior not only bothers our surroundings but makes it difficult to wake up as well.
    The problem with these clocks is that they awaken us up, but then we go back to sleep, and then they wake us up again, and so on.
    This repetition irritates and makes the waking process more difficult. Of course - The best way to wake up is naturally, without a watch. To make this to happen, we must "reorient" our biological clock, and this can be done by observing our regular sleep habits: go to sleep and get up at the same time.
    If you stick to it long enough, you'll wake up two minutes before the alarm clock, and in a more natural way. Until that happens, you should find an effective but gentle alarm clock, place it away from the bed, so you can not mute it and go back to sleep, and choose soft and pleasant alarm music, preferably a favorite tune.

  6. How to get out of bed

    Whether you're one of those people who stay in bed for a few minutes and think about the day about to start, or if you're the one who's right coming up to brush your teeth(you brush your teeth every day - right?). Its very important to makes the act of coming out the bed and standing up in slow moves. Getting out of bed should be as stressful as possible.

  7. A glass of water

    Most people open the morning with a cup of coffee. But coffee gives too much energy to a tired body. It's best to start the morning with drinking of two cups of water. Beyond the fact that the water will make you more vital in the morning and calm your stomach, drinking eight glasses of water among the day helps to lose weight by burning fat and metabolism, helps oily skin and keeps body temperature. According to Chinese medicine, it is recommended to squeeze lemon into this water, since water with lemon cleanses the body of unnecessary toxins, and allows us to open the morning healthily.