How much sleep do we actually need?

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If you're concerned about whether you're getting enough sleep or not, this article will surely help you to know about it.

According to recent research, sleep should take up about eight out of every 24 hours, third part of our lives. It should not be less than this limit and not be more. People of different ages need different sleeping hours as like other health factors.
There are also some incredibly rare people who can get a few hours of sleep per night due to their busy schedule or due to work overload, and others on the opposite side that can be referred to as a "long sleepers", keep on sleeping most of the time.
This table shows recent American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommendations that the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed.

AgeRecommended Hours of Sleep
Infants ( 4-12 months)12-16 hours a day (including naps)
Children aged (1-2 years)11-14 hours a day (including naps)
Preschoolers (3-5 years)10-13 hours a day (including naps)
School age children (6-12 years)9-12 hours a day
Teenagers (13-18 years)8-10 hours a day
Younger adults (18-25 years)7–8 hours a day

If you are a super busy person and have to work a lot for hours, then you must take a little break for sleep to relax your body and mind. Sleep helps our brain to work properly. While sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next task.

You can wake up after 15 minutes

Some People used to sleep after every 3 to 4 hours just for 15 to 20 minutes for relaxing themselves, and it prepares and energizes them for further work. But when once they sleep, it becomes difficult for them to wake up after 15 minutes. So here we have an excellent solution for them which will surely wake them up on time. It’s an online alarm clock.

Just Google it, you’ll find many watches there, all are good. You have to set time on it and after that exact time it will ring and will wake you up after fifteen minutes of sleep. You can also choose a ring according to your choice.

sleep until the alarm clock will wake him up

You should make sleep a priority and must schedule your sleep like any other daily activity, so add it in your "to-do list". The best way is to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.
Some people face problems to wake up early even if they set alarms, they could not leave bed as per decided to wake up. Here are some great suggestions for them. One is you can ask someone to wake you up.
You can set the alarm clock or mobile alarm clock App and keep it away from your bed then when it rings, of course, you have to leave the bed, in this way it can help you.
Another method which will definitely wake you up within a few seconds and you have to leave your bed at any cost is an online alarm clock.