How to wake up with a smile - Tips to make your morning perfect

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Good Morning!
The birds tweet like in the jungle. The dew begins to dry on the leaves and the sunlight comes over the window.
All you can think of is why the power to stop time is not in your hands now. Because you can't handle the morning.
Most people in the world are not morning people. Yet. it may surprise you that all you need is a few small changes that will turn your morning from tired morning to fun and bright morning.

  • With a Fun Alarm Clock

    Unfortunately, most of us fail to wake up naturally in the morning. So we need a little help. This help commonly comes as a strict parent or alarm clock. If you already wake up with a tune in the morning, so why not be in a pleasing tune?

    Do not be lazy to change the ringtone:

    Today there are countless pleasant sounds, from classical music to voices from the deep, that can wake you up in the morning.

  • Next to someone you love

    Every happy morning begins with a loving hug from someone you love.
    When you wake up in the morning, your brain is still fuzzy and tired. You are still a "blank page" for this day. Nothing has affected you in any way.
    The first thing you can remember is a person you love. That will make you feel happy and loving. Love There is nothing like a few minutes in bed hugging your spouse, children or even your siblings.
    The love which you started the morning with will affect throughout all the day.

  • Get the right attitude

    When you wake up in the morning, you wake up fresh and clean into a fresh and clean world.
    Let's tell a short story about someone who got up in the morning and was hit by a foot from the base of the bed.
    He was angry, shouting and cursing with sadness. You can guess that his day did not seem so happy, funny or enjoyable. All he wanted to do was to get back home.
    However, what if we told a different story?
    Let's tell a story about someone who got up in the morning.
    got a kick from the leg of the bed and laughed himself loudly for three decent minutes.
    Then, he stood, tears of laughter in his eyes, ready to continue his day.
    How do you think his day will look now?
    People who tend to start their day in a bad mood mostly tend to continue with their bad mood during the rest of the day.
    This is compared to people who start the day in a happy mood. Who tend to continue and remain happy during the day.
    People who opened the morning correctly were also more attentive, more engaged, more funny, and more sociable later in their day.
    The reason people who start the day with a bad attitude continue with the same bad attitude is that when we get up, our brain still wakes up.
    Sometimes it has not completed his sleep cycle at all!
    When you are confronted with unpleasant situations at this stage, the emotion you go through is more powerful.
    Therefore, the emotion of anger, sadness or depression takes over and you find it difficult to continue the day properly.
    To avoid irritating mornings who will go on into tedious days, try to learn how to change your attitude and take things more easily.
    Be positive. try to find the best in everything and see the positive in every situation. Even if today is not exactly your day and you know it. You will be surprised how much mind change can change the whole day in a second.
    Your perspective dictates how your day looks. So consider how easy it can be just to move the switch of the mind.
    At first, you may find it harder than you expect.
    However, as long as you make sure to remind yourself that you control your emotions and your thinking - the sky is the only limit.

  • Have a plenty of time ahead of you

    We all know these mornings, you wake up five minutes before you have to go to work. You barely have a time to brush your teeth before you have to lock the door and run to work.
    Does your morning start like this?
    If so, no wonder you're starting the morning with a hassle. Morning is not the most beautiful hours for most of the people; most of us need time to wake up, eat breakfast, get ready to work.
    When you squeeze in your entire morning routine into 10 minutes, you wake up with adrenaline rush - a hormone that gives energy, but also stress - makes you feel bad and can harm your body.
    As we have said, you will probably continue to go through stress through the rest of the day.
    Give yourself the time you deserve!
    A lot of people believe that they need an hour or two to succeed wake up and enjoy a fun morning.
    Many of us look at the screen and say that we prefer to sleep in this time.
    Just before you close your computer, think of it this way: in this day, what would your morning look like? Probably not good enough.
    So maybe you should try a change!
    You'll be surprised to find that a seven-hour sleep can do its job just like nine hours.
    The time you earn in the morning will help you wake up in a fun and peaceful way that will go with you through the day.

  • Pleasantly

    Stress is expressed not just physically but mentally as well:

    • What thoughts guide your morning?
    • Do you think of your loved ones?
    • Your success?
    • Funny jokes and amusing adventures?
    • Or do you think a lot about bills?
    • Wonder what will be with the child's problem?
    • Stick your head against the wall about a problem you know you will not solve?

    Opening the morning with unpleasant thoughts, make it much harder to stop thinking them later. Because they are already planted in your mind from such an early stage of the day. These stressful thoughts can affect the flow of your day and of course - how your morning will be managed.

    To enjoy a quiet and wealthy morning with good, pleasant and healthy thoughts, try to break away from screens in the early hours of the morning. Meditate right after you wake up Do not read the news. Listen to calm and pleasant music or even meditate.
    The quieter you begin the morning, the more pleasant you will continue the day.

  • Get a Glass of Warm Water with Lemon 🍋

    In order to start the morning with pleasure, you must harness both your mind and your body for the task.
    When you still wake up and clean your eyes the rest of your body wakes up with you, including the stomach.
    The digestive system slowly arises because it works during sleep; Digest food, clear food stores, clean waste and enrich the body with vitamins and minerals.
    Many people suffer from unpleasant digestive problems. Warm water with lemon can be the solution:

    • Lemon contains citric acid, which helps the stomach begin to digest food.
    • The citric acid helps stomach acid in the digestive process and stimulates it.
    • Hot water makes the stomach feel like it drank more.
      The heat also helps to wake up pleasantly, to a warm new day 😊.

    It is essential to restore liquid balance to the body after a night without drinking. Warm water helps to perform the work faithfully.
    Green tea with lemon or tea with cinnamon, chamomile or mint, can help with the task as well. It will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your body.

  • Take Care of Yourself

    When you get up in the morning, do you pause for a moment to look in the mirror and observe your appearance?
    If so, are you satisfied with it?
    Would you change it until you would like it?
    People feel happier in their morning and during the rest of the day if they take care of their own appearance and personal hygiene.
    If you don't take the time to take care of yourself, you leave the house sweaty, stinky, with wild hair and uncomfortable clothes. No wonder you don't enjoy either your morning or the rest of the day.
    Try to create a habit in which you take a shower in the morning, so you start the day fresh and clean. Be sure to take care of yourself and make sure you look good.
    Not for others - but for yourself. When you look in the mirror before you leave, you will be happy with your appearance and feel that the world is in your pocket.

  • Make a Good Training

    Exercise can help your body in so many ways. Specially if it is happening in the morning! It is well-known that exercise is a stimulant, so it is great to perform it right in the morning. It also keeps you wakeful for the next five hours of the day.
    Beyond that, exercise helps you feel happier and more relaxed, by an allocation of dopamine and serotonin.
    Exercise helps get rid of toxins, speed up circulation, accelerates multiple processes in the body and strengthens it, by producing muscle mass.
    Needless to say, you'll start to enjoy looking in the mirror a little too much.

  • Have a Rich Breakfast

    Everyone likes to get up in the morning and go eat out a delicious breakfast.
    But why do you have to go out at all? Breakfast to wake up deliciously How hard is it to make a delicious breakfast every day at home?
    Breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day.
    Surprisingly, it's also the most easily prepared meals:
    over a million recipes of breakfast include 1 million omelets, toasts, pancakes, salads, soups, porridges, yogurts, muesli and more.
    You can prepare every day a different breakfast so each morning feels diverse and special.

  • Surprise

    A good friend that comes by to you in the morning, with a cup of coffee and a listening ear can be a great opening for the day.
    It's pleasant that friends feel they have the option and ability to do so.
    People are known to be happier when surrounded by people they love.
    It is always more fun to open the morning with good people who are important to you.
    so try to surround yourself with love and create an "open door" policy.
    Where all your loved ones are invited to knock on your door at any time.
    Even if it is only for a refreshing and fun morning cup.

  • Noisy or Soothing Music

    We talked about relaxing music above.
    Peaceful music is meant to help you enter a pleasant, peaceful and carefree place.
    In contrast, the exciting music is supposed to energize you, give you energy and boost your motivation all day long.
    Try to put music you like or simply energized and motivated music that you can find on YouTube.
    You will be surprised by the energy that some songs can provide.