The Most Effective Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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Punctuality is a serious matter. Being habitually late has been known to ruin friendships, end intimate relationships, and may even jeopardize our jobs.
Getting up on time is much harder than it sounds. This is especially so in the case of heavy sleepers. They may have good intentions but may find it hard to shake this habit.

Understanding Heavy Sleepers

A heavy sleeper is one who does not wake easily.
That means there could be a huge commotion just inches away from their bed and they would continue sleeping soundly.
This is the very opposite of a light sleeper who wakes at the sound of the slightest noise. Genetics, lifestyle choices, and diet have been identified as factors that determine whether one becomes a light or a heavy sleeper.
Other sleep experts have stated that it is the activity of our brain waves that make a difference.

Why Most Alarms Can’t Wake Heavy Sleepers

During sleep, our brains continue to collect and be stimulated by sensory information. The sound of most alarms is neither pleasant nor soothing.
In fact, alarms tend to all sound the same. It becomes easy for our minds to tune out these unpleasant sounds, especially if we have been using the same alarm for years.
Since heavy sleepers are already predisposed to drowning out the noise around them, most alarms are useless when it comes to waking them up on time.

The Most Effective Option

The most effective type of alarm for heavy sleepers is an online alarm. These alarms are designed to gently wake us from our slumber by playing our favorite song. To benefit from this type of service, we must first download the software to our desktops.
Once installed, we can select the song that we want to hear the next morning when we wake up. Online alarms are the best option for heavy sleepers because they are designed to do more than frighten someone out of their sleep.
By allowing the person to choose a song they like, the alarm provides a pleasant stimulus for the heavy sleeper’s brain.
In so doing, the individual is more likely to respond by waking up. Best of all, they are usually in a great mood after enjoying their song.
You can also change the song as often as you see fit to ensure you do not begin to ignore these alarms as well subconsciously.