How to Find an Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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Not every heavy sleeper is the same. For some people, hearing a favorite song blared at a loud volume from across the room is the only way they can wake up. Others need to hear a specific tone or sound. Traditional alarm clocks lack the ability to customize your alerts, making them an inefficient solution for many heavy sleepers.

When you move your alarm clock online, you can choose from numerous songs, tones, and alerts. In fact, if you choose a service with YouTube compatibility, like AlarmDJ, you can even upload your own songs or tunes and select them as your wake-up alert.
Finding the ideal sound, notification, song, or alert makes it easier to wake up and get out of bed.

No Easy Snooze Option

Many heavy sleepers hit the snooze button without even noticing it. This is particularly easy if you keep your phone or alarm clock right beside your bed. While an extra 10 or 15 minutes of sleep may seem appealing, especially to someone who is already half-asleep and has a hard time waking up, it can actually be detrimental to your mornings.
Aside from setting you back and potentially making you late, it makes you feel groggier and can even interfere with cognitive function.

Switch to an online clock to reduce the risk of hitting the snooze button repeatedly. You can expect your mornings to become a lot easier to manage.
If you are using an online alarm clock with your laptop or other portable device, be sure to leave it across the room, with the screen pointed away from the bed.
Making the switch to an online clock from a traditional alarm clock or mobile app is incredibly easy when you use AlarmDJ. All you have to do is pick your wake-up tune from any video on YouTube, set your time, and shut off your screen. In the morning, at your desired time, you can rely on AlarmDJ to wake you up using your desired song.
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