The Only Alarm That Can Wake Me up in an Hour

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Living a busy life can leave us exhausted. Try as we might, we can’t seem to get everything done. Worst of all, we regularly have to be rushing through each section of our days to keep up.

Sometimes, it is best to take a quick nap before we move on to the next task. We might even need to get creative and use a few minutes to rest during our lunch break.

Many of us are too scared even to give this idea a second thought. We often find that these naps end up going on for much longer than we initially planned.

This is especially so if we are heavy sleepers. Thankfully, they have finally invented an alarm that can wake me up in an hour or less. I can nap securely knowing that I am always able to get up at the right time.

Why a Nap is Beneficial

Naps are not just for preschoolers. A one hour nap may be just what we need to recharge. Studies have proven that if we are exhausted, a quick nap helps us to remain alert and improves our ability to perform each task. Naps are also crucial if we are tired but may soon be required to operate heavy machinery or drive. If we are studying, naps may also give us time to allow what we have reviewed to sink into our minds for good.


Why Your Usual Alarm May Not Work

Now that you have seen the benefit of taking a nap, it is time to discuss logistics. As highlighted before, most people are afraid to take naps because they feel that they are unable to control when they wake up fully. Often, we have been using the same alarm for so long that it becomes easy for us to ignore it. Average alarms become less effective over time as our bodies become accustomed to the sound. These alarms are also built with a thunderous, harsh sound that may suddenly frighten you out of your sleep.

The Best Alarm to Wake Me up in an Hour

Online alarms are your best bet if you intend to wake up in an hour after taking a nap. These alarms are designed to allow you to wake up to the soothing sounds of your favorite music. Many are programmed to slowly increase their sound so that waking up becomes an enjoyable experience. All you need to do is download the software to your desktop.